Aevitas in Alberta is an industry leader in recycling, ensuring that your waste streams are properly managed and diverted from landfill. As a leading waste management provider, we offer our clients the ability to recycle lamps, transformer oil and batteries of all types. Waste materials are dismantled, treated and sent for reuse at one of our Canada-wide recycling facilities. Our recycling services are performed under strict adherence to government laws and regulations. Our recycling services include:

Lamp Recycling

Our company is the largest lamp recycler in Canada, having developed a wide range of lamprecycling methods that can accommodate many needs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and other energy-efficient lighting including high intensity discharge (HID) and linear fluorescent lamps contain small amounts of mercury (also known as quicksilver), an element essential to achieving energy savings. As effective as it is at enabling white light, mercury is also highly toxic. Problems can occur when a mercury-bearing lamp breaks, releasing mercury contaminated phosphor powder and mercury vapour, particularly when it’s at end of life. Mercury does not break down or decompose in landfill, but it does bio-accumulate in our environment and in humans. Unlike specialty companies, Aevitas in Alberta makes it easy to recycle lamps. We are the only company in Canada that can also recycle transformer oil, batteries, PCB ballasts, fixtures and other electrical equipment, as well as manage a resource recovery program for non-compliant, obsolete and end-of-life assets, and much more. Please contact our recycling experts to learn more about our lamp recycling services.

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Our company has partnered with Loomis to offer affordable recycling services to small quantity waste generators across Canada. Aevitas Alberta has a Recycle-By-Mail program that is perfect for shipping small quantities of lamps, bulbs, fixtures, ballasts, mercury bearing materials* and batteries. Our recycling services and shipping containers are available in one all-inclusive price, and all you have to do is click, pack and ship:

  • Go to and request the recycling box or boxes that best suit your needs.
  • We will forward you your recycling box via courier within 24 hours (or up to one week depending on your location).
  • Inside your box you will find a shipping label and plastic liner. Printed on the outside of your box is a set of instructions detailing how to collect and package items for recycling.
  • Once your box is full, call Loomis at (800) 256-2247 to request a pickup.
  • Loomis will return your box to us where it’s contents will be recycled.

To learn more about our Recycle-By-Mail program, or our other recycling services, please contact Aevitas in Alberta.

*Not all materials can be shipped using this program. See container description for compatible items.

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Transformer Oil Recycling

Aevitas in Alberta is a leading environmental services industry specialist in providing industrial manufacturers and electrical utility companies with transformer oil recycling services. Our fleet of trucks and oil tankers allow us to drain and transport large or small volumes across Canada. For environmentally sensitive locations, our personnel will deploy our portable "spill containment berm", allowing our truck or tankers full volume to be contained in the event of an emergency rupture or spill. Our Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified transformer oil recycling facility receives, treats, and refines used transformer oil, removing virtually all PCB content within it, and producing new, high quality transformer oil for re-sale in the transformer market.

MODEF60 Mineral Insulating Oil

A recycled transformer oil that is napthenic based, MODEF60 mineral insulating oil meets existing ASTM quality standards and is shipped throughout Canada. Our MODEF60 mineral insulating oil can be supplied by Aevitas in Alberta in either Type I or Type II formulations. Our type II "supercharged" inhibited transformer oil (available in totes, drums or pails) can be added to existing transformer oil so as to halt the oxidation process that naturally occurs within transformers over time. Please view technical information for our type I and type II transformer oils by visiting:

For customers with long term transformer oil storage issues, our 700,000 litre capacity, concrete contained, geosynthetic membrane transformer oil tank farm can help. We also maintain a supply of silicone transformer fluid which is recycled and reprocessed for use in either retro-filling or silicone fluid level top ups on existing silicone filled transformers. For more information on our silicone transformer fluid, please visit SDS silicone fluid. Should your industrial transformer require draining, refilling or an oil change, depend on the transformer oil recycling services from Aevitas Alberta. Our professional staff work to perfect our transformer oil recycling services, and our other recycling services, to deliver you the very best results in the Canadian environmental services industry. Contact Aevitas in Alberta to learn more.

Resource Recovery

Aevitas Alberta specializes in recycling obsolete, non-compliant or end-of-life assets for reuse. Our resource recovery program maximizes value, providing your organization capital that can be placed back into its operations, producing revenue, boosting profits and creating tax savings. Besides financial advantages, we also help our clients reduce their environmental footprint by keeping unwanted items out of landfills. Our team uses the best possible methods for recycling more than 95% of the parts from your assets, and for those parts that cannot be recycled we offer assured disposal or destruction services. Allow us to put your assets to good use, help you reduce your environmental impact, avoid costly garbage collection and disposal fees, and improve your company's public image. Please contact us for more information on our resource recovery services.

Besides lamp recycling, transformer oil recycling, resource recovery, and our Recycle-By-Mail program, Aevitas in Alberta also offers electrical equipment recycling, and battery recycling services. For further information on our recycling services, please connect with us today.