on-site environmental services

On-Site Services

As Canada’s leading waste management company, we offer a variety of on-site services to our commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Aevitas in Alberta offers on-site services that includes:

Transformer Site Services

Aevitas Alberta is fully equipped to provide on-site service for any type of non-PCB or PCB contaminated transformer, including pure PCB (askarel), mineral oil, silicone fluid, and perchloroethylene PCB transformers. To save our institutional, commercial and industrial businesses time and money, we own and operates a fleet of transformer oil trucks, tankers and equipment which allows us to safely and efficiently provide such transformer site services as transformer draining, transformer degasification, transformer dismantling, transformer oil storage and transformer retro-filling. Our transformer site services experts can help you choose the best transformer oil for your needs: naphthenic based or new paraffinic oil, silicone fluid, or new MODEF 60 transformer oil. To learn more about our MODEF60 transformer oil, please visit:

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PCB On-Site Services

Aevitas in Alberta offers PCB on-site services are suitable for PCB contaminated electrical transformers and equipment, capacitors, ballasts, transformer oil / askarel fluid and solvents. Our PCB on-site services include PCB hazardous waste audit, sampling, testing and weighing, government compliant draining, packaging, labeling, transportation and in-house laboratory testing of PCB contaminated materials, certificate of PCB destruction, and the decommissioning and deregistering of PCB storage sites. We also offer guaranteed disposal of all PCB contaminated materials like caulking, paints, solvents and soil.

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Analytical & Testing Services

Our company delivers comprehensive analytical and testing services to provide you with the reliable data you require. Our analytical and testing services include testing oil, paints and coatings for PCB contamination levels and heavy metals, waste characterization analysis, toxic characteristic leachate procedure (TCLP), and much more. For more information about our analytical and testing services, or our other on-site services, contact Aevitas in Alberta today.

In addition to transformer site services, PCB on-site services, and analytical and testing services, Aevitas Alberta also offers the following on-site services:

  • Lab pack services
  • Transportation services
  • Spill clean-up services

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