Welcome to Aevitas in Alberta!

Aevitas Inc. has been an industry recognized leader in ecologically responsible waste management throughout the province. We own numerous state-of-the-art, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental service facilities that operate according to the strictest of standards in order to maintain safe and convenient environmental services to a variety of diverse industries across Canada. Aevitas in Alberta has a facility that is capable of delivering affordable and cutting-edge waste treatment, recycling and disposal solutions to industrial, institutional and commercial organizations for their one-of-a-kind waste streams. No matter where environment meets industry, Aevitas Alberta offers a wide range of waste management solutions:

On-Site Services
  • Transformer site services
  • PCB on-site services
  • Analytical & testing services
  • Lab pack services
  • Transportation services
  • Spill clean-up
Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Industrial waste disposal
  • Regulated waste disposal
  • PCB destruction

  • Institutional waste management
  • Remediation & demolition
  • Assured destruction
  • Electrical equipment disposal
  • Lamp recycling
  • Transformer oil recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Resource recovery
  • Electrical equipment recycling
  • Recycle-By-Mail

At Aevitas in Alberta, our challenging business is exposed to constantly changing regulations. Our industry’s sensitive nature demands the highest standards of excellence to ensure the health and well-being of our customers, staff, vendors, and the communities we serve. We are therefore committed to focusing on safety and compliance in order to conform to provincial and federal environmental and legislative requirements. Aevitas Alberta has a passion for providing outstanding waste management services, and customer care, makes us outshine other Canadian environmental service providers. It is our goal to supply permanent waste processing and control options for a vast array of specialty materials. We strive to build sincere relationships with our clients, our suppliers, and within our organization, by implementing progressive thinking and environmental service techniques that effectively address waste management challenges. By offering our commercial, institutional and industrial clients economic advantages via the reduction of costs and the sale of recovered resources, Aevitas in Alberta helps them to conserve natural resources and reduce their environmental liability.

Our organization is very proud of the excellent reputation we have earned in the environmental services industry. By pioneering waste management technologies that are in use 25 years since our company’s inception, we have developed a variety of niche markets throughout the Canadian industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. At Aevitas Alberta, we are determined to minimize waste in an economical and effective manner, and maximize the recovery of valuable by-products via our national environmental services network. Don't place your organization’s reputation in the hands of other environmental service companies…trust Aevitas in Alberta as your single-source waste management provider for all your environmental challenges!